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to be a long term solution. >> senate republican leader mitch mcconnel left smiling. >> make any progress today sir? >> he and harry reid are worked on a scaled down agreement that focuses on avoiding a middle class tax hike. the plan is to prevent it to the full senate for a vote sunday and then send it over to the house. house speaker john boehner was at the capitol but left with no comment. both sides remain at odds over the democrats incest ent of the higher tax rates. >> it would only funneled the government -- fund the government for 3 days. sdwlsz -- >> president omaba insists his plan on the table is fair. >> we just can't afford a self-inflicted wound to our economy. >> if sunday's negotiations don't pan out the president says he's ready to propose his own scaled back bill that would block increases for all by the wealthy and preserve expiring unemployment benefits. >> with the deficit ticking higher patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us who invest in the stock market it's disgusting to watch them play around with our money. >> missing in all the last minute negotiations is talk
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1